frequently asked questions

Do you supply the props for the session?

Yes we supply all props, however if you have something special please feel free to bring it along.

What do I need to bring to the session?

You don’t need to bring anything, however if you have something special you’d like to be photographed, please feel free to bring it along.

For maternity sessions, do you supply maternity dresses and hair/makeup?

I have a wide variety of dresses/sashes that you’re welcome to wear, but you’re also welcome to bring outfits that you’d like to be photographed in.  You can view our range of dresses here.  We do not offer a service for hair/makeup.

Do I get to choose the photos when purchasing Digital Images?

Yes you choose 15 images for standard sessions, 10 images for mini sessions, or 20 images for full sessions. You can expect to choose from a gallery of 18-22 images for standard sessions, 12-15 images for mini sessions, and 25-30 images for full sessions. Any extras can be purchased as an additional set of photos as well.

If I book more than one shoot at the same time (e.g. maternity and newborn), can I order 1 set of Digital Images only and receive all of the images in one purchase?

We do offer a combined mini maternity and newborn session where you can include a handful of photos from your mini maternity session along with your newborn photos in one combined set of 20 photos. If you’d prefer more than a handful of maternity photos, I’d recommend booking separate sessions which would require 2 separate purchases afterwards.

Are family photos included in your sessions?

All of our sessions include family/sibling photos. I always encourage them but it is your choice whether to capture them as well.  We can accommodate up to 6 people in total in our studio, including your immediate family, for the duration of your session.

Can I purchase the mini Digital Images for non-mini sessions?

The mini Digital Images option is only available for purchase for mini sessions.

Can I purchase the mini or standard Digital Images for full sessions?

Only the full Digital Images option is available for purchase for full sessions.

How many different props/designs do you shoot for a newborn session?

We can shoot up to 8 different props/designs for a standard newborn session, 5-6 for a mini newborn session, and up to 12 for a full newborn session.

What is the difference between a mini, standard and full newborn session?

Our mini and standard newborn sessions are ideal for when you’d prefer to capture less photos and have a shorter session duration, and also cost less as a result.

Do I need to purchase images up-front?

No, only the session fee is payable at time of booking to secure your session. After you’ve seen the photos, you can decide on which images to purchase. The session fee covers the time of the session and is separate to the Digital Images price.

Do you photograph cake smashes?

Unfortunately we don’t photograph anything relating to food.

Can we bring along our family dog or pet?

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate family pets in our sessions.

My newborn is older than 2 weeks, should I book a baby session instead?

For babies under 4 months old, I’d still recommend booking a newborn session as it allows that extra time to capture sleepy poses if they fall asleep as well as time for feeding and comforting.

How many images do I receive when purchasing Digital Images?

You can choose 15 images for standard sessions, 10 images for mini sessions, or 20 images for full sessions, as a digital download, in high resolution without watermarks, and are suitable for large prints. We also include a custom phone app containing a gallery of your images. For newborn sessions, we also include a cute little announcement video. You can also purchase any extras as an additional set of photos.

Can I bring along family or friends?

Yes, they can come along and can be included in a photo or two in all of our sessions.  Our studio allows for up to 6 people in total, including your immediate family, for the duration of your session.

Are the images watermarked?

No, not at all for any images that you purchase.  We do add a watermark if we post them online (only with your permission).

Do you supply photos on a USB drive?

We supply them as a digital download. There are many benefits of a digital download over a USB drive, such as instant download and not having to wait for a USB drive in the mail, and therefore increased security.  The exact same contents of a USB drive are simply available as a download instead, approximately 250 MB in size.

Do you photograph outdoors?

No we only photograph in our commercial and professional home based studios.

Can you photograph me or my baby in my home?

I only photograph in my studios – from a practicality standpoint it would cost a lot more to photograph in your home and have a lot less flexibility with prop choices and lighting. You receive a better end result from the photography being in a dedicated studio.

Where are you located?

We are located in Osborne Park, 10-15 minutes north of Perth city, as well as in Hilbert, 35 minutes south east of Perth city. It is the same people and studio experience in both locations – so you can choose whichever location is more convenient to you.

I have noticed that prices have increased since I have booked, does this affect me?

No, your pricing remains the same as at the time that you booked.  If we lower prices, then you’ll be able to benefit from purchasing at the lower prices as well.

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

The ideal time is at least a few weeks before giving birth, to ensure we keep time reserved for you near your due date. After your newborn arrives, we can schedule the actual time of the shoot. If you book in advance, we guarantee that we’ll have time available for you, no matter if your baby arrives early or late.

Is there a minimum order commitment?

No, you can view your images and decide if you’d like to purchase any digital images.

Can I purchase a few photos only?

We only produce and sell a full set of photos. It isn’t very practical and time efficient for only capturing a few photos, resulting in a high cost per photo, therefore we don’t offer this as a service.

Do you photograph large groups?

We unfortunately can’t accommodate large groups of extended family. The most we can accommodate is 6 people including your immediate family, for the duration of your session.

How many different styles can I choose to be photographed for a newborn session?

You can choose up to 8 different styles to be photographed for standard sessions, 5-6 for mini sessions, or up to 12 different styles for full sessions. If you don’t like choosing from many options, I’ll shoot a variety of different styles found in our portfolio for you.

Can I purchase additional photos beyond the 15 for standard sessions, 10 for mini sessions, or 20 for full sessions?

Yes you can purchase the entire set of images for an additional fee. We also offer a behind-the-scenes set of photos that are unedited and provide an extra special point of view of your photo shoot, as an add-on purchase to your digital images purchase.

What is the maximum print size for your photos?

Depending on the photo, you can generally print up to 24×36″ in size.

What aspect ratio are the photos, and how do I choose the size of a frame?

We produce our imagery in standard print sizes, with each image having the best aspect ratio for the photo captured. The aspect ratios are 4×6 Full Frame, 4×5 Cropped, or 5×5 Square, and can be viewed in our portfolio. They can be printed to non standard sizes, however I don’t recommend that as you would lose part of the image. My advice is to choose a frame size to match the image size, rather than to crop the image to fit a frame of a different size.

Can you recommend print stores to me?

Yes we can recommend premium print stores that can provide quality prints.

Can you use my photos for advertising purposes?

No, not without your explicit permission.

Is it ok or normal for me to just bring myself to the shoot?

Yes, there are a fair number of shoots where the partner could not make it, or are single, or just prefer the shoot being with themselves as the star.

My newborn’s skin is blotchy or flaky, should I wait longer before having the photo shoot?

Most newborns don’t have great skin. We retouch the photos to remove any minor temporary blotchiness/flakiness or blemishes, jaundice, to ensure nice even skin tones. The sooner you have the newborn shoot, the easier it will be to capture some great peaceful poses.  If you are unsure whether you’d like to wait until it clears or not, you can send us a photo for advice.

Do you photograph twins?

No unfortunately we don’t offer a service to photograph twins in our newborn/baby sessions.  It is best to find a photographer that specialises in twins.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa/Mastercard for booking our sessions, and for our online galleries we accept Visa/Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Afterpay.

My question is not on this list.

Please contact me with your questions, I’m happy to help!